Verbio AG to Supply Augsburg NGV Stations with Biomethane

| Germany, Leipzig

Verbio AG, a Germany-based renewal energy company based in Leipzig, and the City of Augsburg public utilities department have entered into a trade agreement whereby renewable biomethane will be supplied as a vehicle fuel from four natural gas fuelling stations, helping to drive down CO2 emissions from city vehicles. Initially biomethane will make up approximately 35% of dispensed fuel, with the intention of increasing to 100% biomethane in coming months. The new fuel will be supplied at the same price as fossil natural gas.

Verbio biogas is generated exclusively from agricultural waste.

After Munich, Augsburg is the second Bavarian city and one of the first in Germany to make arrangements with Verbio AG for the supply of biomethane. “By 2015 we want to expand our production capacity of approximately 500 gigawatt hours (GWh) to 2000 GWh and then convert the current natural gas filling station network in Germany completely to verbiogas,” said Claus Sauter, Verbio AG’s chairman of the board.

This article compiled using information from a Verbio AG press release.

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