Verbio AG Completes Biomethane Transition in Augsburg

| Germany, Augsburg

VERBIO AG’s biogas plant at Zörbig

Natural gas vehicle drivers in Augsburg graduated on November 1 from 35% biomethane in dispensed fuel to 100%, filling their cars with biogas supplied by VERBIO AG . This saves gas cars 90 percent CO 2 compared to a gasoline vehicle. The biomethane has been included in the fuel mix since May, at municipal utility pumps.

The upgrade of fuel also applies to the Stadtwerke Augsburg bus fleet; approximately 100 natural gas buses can now operate virtually CO2-neutral. Natural gas (CNG) as fuel is not only more economical than gasoline or diesel, but also environmentally friendly. With over 1,600 vehicles Augsburg has the greatest density of natural gas vehicles nationwide.

(This article compiled using information from a VERBIO AG press release)

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