Veolia Cleans Paris with CNG-Powered Scania BOMs

| France, Paris

Scania CNG BOM for Veolia France_Jul 2014-smIn late June, Scania France delivered 24 garbage trucks (BOM – Benne à Ordures Ménagères) to Veolia Environmental Services on behalf of its subsidiary Otus for waste management operations in Paris, primarily from the Plaine Saint-Denis site of Otus. These vehicles are equipped with Euro 6 compressed natural gas (CNG) engines.Besides the short wheelbase and high payload qualities of the Scania BOM, Veolia selected the natural gas option for its competitive advantage.

Delivered at the end of June, these vehicles came in 4×2 and 6×2 configurations. Twenty two BOMs are destined for working out of Otus’s Plaine Saint-Denis depot and the remaining two will replace vehicles from the Veolia fleet.

These are vehicles with near-zero emissions of fine particles and nitrogen oxide emissions reduced by up to 80%. The rate of CO2 released is also lower than a diesel engine and the use of renewable biomethane even allows a 100% carbon-free solution. Also, the engine sound is halved compared with a diesel engine, making the vehicle well suited for operating in urban areas where noise regulations are more stringent.

(Source: Scania)

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