Valvoline Introduces New Natural Gas Engine Oil

| USA, Lexington KY

Cummins Westport B67N Natural Gas Engine 2018Valvoline Inc., a leading worldwide supplier of premium branded lubricants and automotive services, has this week introduced Valvoline™ Premium Blue One Solution™ 9200, a unique engine oil approved for use in natural gas engines and other engines.

“The purpose of Premium Blue One Solution is to dramatically simplify the fill process for fleet managers, enabling one proven product to be used across a number of engine applications,” said David Young, vice president of Valvoline Heavy Duty. “While there were previously oils in the marketplace that could be used in diesel and gas engines, there was not one approved across all fuel types – until now,” he added.

The new Premium Blue One Solution was officially unveiled at a press conference during the TMC Annual Meeting and Transportation Technology Exhibition in Atlanta, Georgia.

Valvoline Premium Blue One Solution was initially developed as part of Valvoline’s close relationship with Cummins Westport (CWI), which has introduced a new series of low-emission engines. Through that partnership, Valvoline created an engine oil that is the recommended product for those Cummins engines — and can also be used in engines from other manufacturers.

“Our customers have been very clear that a high-performance engine oil compatible with both mobile natural gas and diesel engines would be a critical benefit to their bottom line.  Valvoline Premium Blue One Solution meets that need,” said Yemane Gessesse, CWI director of engineering. “From a technology standpoint, this a huge advancement in the engine oil industry.”

Valvoline Premium Blue One Solution is formulated with:

  • Excellent high temperature oxidation resistance and TBN retention to support long oil life
  • Outstanding wear protection
  • Superior deposit protection compared to industry requirements

Source: Valvoline Inc.

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