US DOT Approves Hexagon’s Titan XL; More Orders

| Norway and USA

Titan Orders Flowing

Hexagon Lincoln, the wholly owned North American subsidiary of Norway’s Hexagon Composites, has been granted a permit by the United States Department of Transportation (US DOT) for its large capacity compressed natural gas (CNG) storage container, the 40-foot long TITAN® XL.

The TITAN XL was first introduced in Latin America in 2015. It represents the highest-capacity road trailer in the world in a 40-foot container, capable of transporting 525,000 scf (15,000 scm) of CNG with only 31.5 metric ton including trailer weight. The ultra-light carbon fiber Type 4 cylinders are key to it meeting Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) limitations of several US states.

“We are committed to providing North America and the world with products that promote the use of clean and affordable energy,” says Frank Häberli, Vice President Mobile Pipeline® Division. “TITAN XL transports 44% more gas than TITAN® 4. Companies will benefit from fewer trips, reduced operating costs and increased competitiveness.”

Hexagon Composites ASA is a publicly listed company with its headquarters in Aalesund, Norway. The Group develops and produces composite pressure cylinders and systems for storage and transportation of various gases.

Xpress Natural Gas LLC

On June 20, Hexagon Lincoln reported receiving an order for TITAN® XL trailers from Xpress Natural Gas LLC (XNG) of Boston, Massachusetts with a total estimated value of USD 8 million. Hexagon said the order represented a significant expansion to XNG’s already substantial TITAN® fleet, which the company uses as its standard trailer to deliver natural gas to industrial, commercial and municipal customers throughout the United States and Canada. The order includes an option to further purchase additional trailers worth up to USD 16 million (approximately NOK 133 million). Deliveries are scheduled to commence in fourth quarter 2016.

Energex Grupo Energeticos

Hexagon Lincoln will deliver a second set of TITAN® 4 modules to Energex Grupo Energeticos in Monterrey, Mexico. A first set of modules were delivered in March of 2016, and two more sets are scheduled for July and November of this year. The total value of the order is USD 6.75 million (approximately NOK 56 million).

Grupo Energeticos is the premium fuel and energy distributor in Mexico. It is seeing increased demand for cleaner burning natural gas as the preferred choice over other fuels as it allows companies to comply with environmental regulations at competitive prices and it improves operating advantages over other liquid fuels.

(Source: Hexagon Composites)

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