US Corn Plant to Harvest Methane for Transportation Use

| USA, Decatur IL

Arthur Daniels MidlandOne of the world’s largest agricultural processors and food ingredient providers, 100+ year old Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) of Illinois, is stepping firmly into the renewable energy age with a project that will inject renewable natural gas (RNG), harvested from waste water at its plant in Decatur IL, into the gas grid for use as a clean fuel for transportation.

The American corn processing company says the RNG is a byproduct of ADM’s corn processing facility in Decatur. The gas will be distributed by Ameren Illinois into the nation’s natural gas infrastructure.

“Consumers and the country benefit from the addition of more clean, renewable energy into the national network, and ADM will benefit by capitalizing on environmental credits,” said Colin Graves, project manager for ADM.

Methane is a natural byproduct of the anaerobic digestion process from ADM’s Decatur wastewater treatment facility. When construction of the project is complete, ADM will purify this methane into pipeline quality natural gas and transport it to an Ameren Illinois’ gas pipeline. Ameren Illinois will then distribute the gas into the interstate pipeline system where it will be available for use as a clean, affordable transportation fuel.

“We have made a significant investment in upgrading the capacity of our natural gas delivery system,” said Eric Kozak, senior director of Gas Operations for Ameren Illinois.  “This project will support the delivery of clean, renewable energy to our customers while reaffirming our commitment to environmental stewardship. I want to congratulate ADM for taking this important step.”

“Much like we did with our carbon capture and storage project, we are investing in technology and infrastructure in Decatur that benefits our environment, our community and our company all at once,” Graves added. “And in this case, Decatur is going to be a model: We will be taking what we learn here and examining how best to replicate these benefits in other forms and locations across the country.” ADM has a global value chain that includes 428 crop procurement locations, 280 ingredient manufacturing facilities, 39 innovation centers and a major crop transportation network.

ADM is targeting completion of construction in May 2017.

(Source: ADM)

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