US CNG Rally Concludes in Washington DC

| USA, Washington DC | Source: NGVAmerica

CNG Rally May-Jun 2016 - Metrobus“CNG from Sea to Shining Sea Road Rally” concluded in Washington, DC on June 10, 2016. The 3,143-mile cross-country rally, which began in Long Beach, California on May 30, 2016 and included stops in 13 cities, has been acclaimed by NGVAmerica as a great success for demonstrating the viability and potential for natural gas vehicles (NGV) in USA.

The mission of the road rally was to inform and educate the American public on the benefits of natural gas vehicles (NGVs) and to demonstrate the viability and vibrancy of the domestic NGV market. The rally successfully showed that NGVs can travel across the nation using a broad network of natural gas fueling stations.

“This rally was a great symbol of the ease of what’s possible when traveling across the country in a natural gas vehicle,” said NGVAmerica President Matthew Godlewski. “But in reality this is actually happening everyday as more private fleets, municipal transit agencies, trash haulers, and consumers continue to choose clean-burning natural gas to power their vehicles.”

The cross-country trip was made by at least eight vehicles, including a 2010 Ford F-150 that was driven by Pat Riley, General Manager, Gibson County Utility District of Trenton, Tennessee. Pat made the 3,143-mile trip using 136 gasoline gallon equivalents (GGEs) of CNG at an average price of $1.85. At one station, natural gas was just 35 cents per GGE. The total cost of fuel used on the trip was $251.60, that is, 8 cents per mile.

Fifty awards were given out during the rally to local fleets and representatives who support natural gas vehicles in their area. The well-attended public stops also featured educational workshops, presentations by NGV-advocates, and a variety of display vehicles to showcase the versatility of natural gas as a transportation fuel.

NGVAmerica, the American Public Gas Association (APGA), and American Gas Association (AGA) were the “CNG from Sea to Shining Sea Road Rally” presenting sponsors and were joined by 44 other sponsors.

(Source: NGVAmerica)

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