Upward Movement for Czech Republic NGV Fleet and Stations

| Czech Republic

Czech PostThe Czech Republic has significantly expanded the uptake of natural gas vehicles (NGVs); 2013 consumption of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is up 44% compared to 2012, with increased use by the State, post office and transport companies, reports CNG4you. Over the last five years, consumption has apparently tripled.

CNG is used mainly as a fuel for cars, trucks and municipal vehicles and buses. To a lesser extent natural gas is also used to fuel lift trucks and locomotives.

According to the Czech Republic’s Automotive Industry Association, the country’s vehicle population is about 5.5 million, of which 1.2% (6,700) are NGVs. For new car registrations, NGV sales of 2,000 make up more than 1% of all vehicles.

NGVA Europe reports that in January 2014 there were already 52 public CNG filling stations in operation in the Czech Republic. Reportedly, there are also more than 100 private filling stations. At least 45 new CNG stations will become operational by the end of 2014 (the company E.ON plans to open 12-14 filling stations, VEMEX at least 10 stations, V√ćTKOVICE intends to build more than 20 filling stations and RWE plans to open 3 new filling stations).

In January, the European Commission’s Cohesion Fund allocated funds sufficient to purchase around 10 CNG filling stations and about 154 new public transport CNG-powered buses.

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