Uptake of CNG Fuel Exceeds Expectations in Florida

| USA, Tallahassee FL

Nopetro stationRapid adoption of compressed natural gas (CNG) usage by various organizations has led to an exponential increase in use at Nopetro’s Leon County-based fueling facility, with results far exceeding year-one expectations. Nopetro, a natural gas fueling infrastructure provider based in Florida, anticipated dispensing 100,000 gallons during the initial year.  Instead the facility provided an estimated 400,000 gallons of CNG fuel to serve the needs of its growing clientele.

Nopetro began operating the CNG facility in August 2012 as a result of being awarded the opportunity to fuel Leon County Public School buses with compressed natural gas.  The company constructed the facility at their expense as part of a first-of-its-kind public/private partnership that was the genesis of their winning bid. Other counties and school districts are following suit, with Nopetro recently being awarded two other CNG fueling station projects with Osceola County and the Charlotte County Public School district.

The rapid rise in demand came from a variety of avenues, including additional buses and waste vehicles from the city and county, contracts with private companies who utilize CNG vehicles such as WastePro and Saddle Creek Logistics, as well as consumer usage from individuals with CNG automobiles, such as the Honda Civic GX and Ford 150.

“The reasons for use of CNG vehicles are nothing short of compelling,” says company CEO Jorge Herrera.  “We have reduced fuel costs for Leon County School’s fleet by $1.50/gallon, a 40% savings over traditional gasoline or diesel.  Plus CNG vehicles are much cleaner, quieter and environmentally friendly.”

The switch to natural gas will cut emissions drastically, including particulate matter by 89 percent, carbon monoxide by 70 percent, carbon dioxide by 25 percent and nitrous oxide by 80 percent.

“A government or commercial fleet that switches from diesel vehicles to CNG vehicles today will not only experience significant savings,” adds Herrera, “they will be ahead of the curve on impending tougher environmental standards for medium and heavy-duty vehicles.”

Using the natural gas reserves of the U.S., Nopetro is building a network of CNG fueling stations across the state.

(Source: Nopetro)

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