UK-Funded Projects to Advance HDV Gas Technologies

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CNG Fuels Truck

CNG Fuels will trial 43 dedicated gas HGVs

Funding from the Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) and Innovate UK (agencies of the Department for Transport and the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy) has been awarded to several natural gas for transportation projects, announced this week by Transport Minister John Hayes. The funding is provided to successful applicants who entered the government sponsored competition to stimulate the development of ultra low emission vehicle (ULEV) technologies.

The freight industry accounts for about 30% of the UK’s CO2 transport emissions and the money will help fleets get their new vehicles on the roads from mid-2017 onwards.

Transport Minister John Hayes said: “Each one of these successful projects will help cut vehicle emissions, improve air quality and reduce pollution in towns and cities,” adding that this was yet another important step towards the government’s commitment to reduce carbon emissions from transport to help tackle climate change.

The aim of the competition was to demonstrate new technologies and to encourage the widespread introduction of low and zero emission vehicles to UK fleets. Project criteria called for applicants to trial vehicles and on-vehicle technology in the real world within an eligible cost range of £0.5 – 5.0 million and between 18 and 24 months in duration. The provision, collection and analysis of reliable operational data is mandatory.

Of the £19 million (USD 23.3m) available for these types of projects, £7.71 million (USD 9.47m) was allocated to gas projects (CNG, LNG, biomethane, hydrogen) as follows:

G-volution HGV with multi-fuel technology

G-volution will demonstrate dual-fuel technology

  • Air Liquide Group (Kingston-upon-Thames): This project will trial 86 gas HGVs ranging from 26 tonne to 44 tonne. Biogas will be introduced during the project. Funding £2.57m, total investment £4.93m.
  • G-volution Plc (Newport): The consortium will demonstrate 15 dual-fuel (diesel/methane) road vehicles. Innovation is demonstrated in 3 main areas: 1) Engine Combustion control, 2) Computer based engine modelling and 3) new super efficient methane catalysts. Funding £0.82m, total investment £1.35m.
  • Kuehne + Nagel Ltd (Wellingborough): A trial of both dedicated gas and direct injection dual-fuel methane/diesel trucks. 29 trucks will refuel with liquid biomethane, which is derived from wastes and is a sustainable and renewable fuel. Funding £1.05m, total investment £1.89m.
  • CNG Fuels Limited (Solihull): The Project will trial a fleet of 43 dedicated gas HGVs to demonstrate their suitability for large scale roll-out. Funding £1.96m, total investment £3.25m.
  • ULEMCo Ltd (Liverpool): This project will trial a range of vehicles with hydrogen dual-fuel technology (H2ICED®). Funding £1.31m, total investment £1.71m.

The programme will help the UK meet its CO2 reduction targets – and represents another step towards the government’s target for all new cars and vans to be zero emission by 2040.

(Source: UK Department of Transport)

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