UK Bus Operator First to run CNG Minibuses

| United Kingdom: Basildon | Source: IVECO UK

IVECO Daily CNG for BlueBusBlue Bus Innovations has become the first company in the UK to operate compressed natural gas-powered (CNG) minibuses after ordering three 16-seater IVECO Daily Line Hi-Matic vehicles. The Luton-based start-up company says although performance is comparable, emissions reduction was the key to their decision.

The gas vehicles provide Blue Bus Innovations with performance comparable to diesel. However, Managing Director Tazio Puri Negri was more impressed with their green credentials – producing 12 per cent fewer NOx emissions, 76 per cent less particulate matter and up to 95 per cent less CO2 emissions when fuelled using bio-methane.

He says: “We pride ourselves on being a responsible business. Whilst we strive to offer our customers the best service, we are also aware we need to minimise our impact on the environment.” The company says it will respond to increasingly stringent emissions regulations with orders for more alternative fuelled minibuses.

Blue Bus Innovations provides seats on its shuttle coaches from strategic pick-up and drop-off points in central London, to-and-from Luton Airport between 7am and 11pm daily.

Daily 50C14GA8

The CNG vehicles (Daily 50C14GA8’s) are built on a 4,100mm wheelbase and are powered by IVECO’s 3.0-litre, 140 hp engine. Both passengers and driver will enjoy the benefits of the quieter gas engine – which is at least 4dB lower than its diesel equivalent, as well as cutting noise pollution, which is a major benefit particularly for late-night drop-offs.

The Daily is equipped with eight-speed Hi-Matic automatic transmission which guarantees maximum performance with low operating costs. It is faster and more precise than a traditional manual transmission, offering gear changes without torque interruption and in less than 200 milliseconds for high-level performance. The Hi-Matic also returns an additional 2.5 per cent fuel saving versus the same specification vehicle with a manual transmission.

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