Turkey’s CNG Sector Set to Expand with Landi Renzo-Naturelgaz Agreement

| Turkey
Mercedes Axor Trucks have been converted to CNG operation.

Mercedes Axor Trucks have been converted to CNG operation.

Landi Renzo, Italian manufacturer of natural gas automotive conversion systems, has entered into an agreement that appoints Turkish natural gas supplier Naturelgaz as the sole distributor of Landi Renzo products in Turkey. This long-term partnership agreement is effective from August 2013 and will add further impetus to what Forbes Magazine describes as the country’s “burgeoning CNG sector”.

“2013 will be our expansion year towards the autogas market, meaning many heavy- and light-duty vehicles will switch from diesel to CNG,” Aksel Goldenberg, Naturelgaz’s CEO told Forbes. “Our main focus is CNG for automotive use, and once we finish our infrastructure every vehicle on the road will have access to CNG. Owners will enjoy a savings of 35% on their fuel costs once they convert their vehicles.”

Naturelgaz has established a compressed natural gas (CNG) conversion centre in Istanbul and employs over 200 specialist staff. It has capacity in its 5,000 m2 service area to convert 12 trucks at the same time. All CNG systems installed are compliant with UN ECE-R 110.

Turkish logistics company Reysaş Lojistik is also working with Naturelgaz to convert more of its fleet from diesel to CNG operation. Earlier this year, in a cooperation agreement with Naturelgaz, Reysaş converted 30 Mercedes Axor trucks to CNG fuel. Naturelgaz is extending the refueling infrastructure for CNG, in particular along major transportation routes enabling Turkey’s largest haulage company to increase it’s CNG fleet by another 80 trucks. Altogether Reysaş has more than 1,500 trucks in operation.

The Naturelgaz website shows the location of 9 CNG filling stations with four others currently under construction. The company also manages a network of CNG conversion workshops.

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