Tulsa Transit Commits to CNG Buses

| USA, Tulsa OK

Thanks to the US federal stimulas program known as America Recovery Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Metropolitan Tulsa Transit Authority) has been able to purchase 15 new Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) buses. These buses will replace some of Tulsa Transit’s older buses.

According to the Request for Proposal (RFP) issued in August 2011 MTTA is implementing an aggressive emissions reduction program in which the existing diesel bus fleet will be replaced by CNG powered vehicles.

For 36 existing diesel buses, MTTA plans to execute a vehicle re-power program, whereby the buses will receive CNG replacement engines.

MTTA stressed in the RFP the performance, structural and mechanical integrity and reliability of the buses was not to be compromised. The repower must meet or exceed a fuel capacity of 60 diesel equivalent gallons and a range of 225 miles in city tranffic without re-fueling.

Tulsa Transit is also building a fueling station on the property for the refuelling of the CNG buses.

(This article compiled using information from MTTA press releases)


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