Try-It Commences 2014 with Compressed Natural Gas

| USA, Lancaster NY

Try-It CNG StationUS beverage distributor Try-It Distributing Co., Inc. will commence the new year with a greener face, replacing its diesel fleet with 43 new compressed Natural Gas (CNG) trucks. The trucks have already been delivered and will refuel at a new publicly accessible CNG filling station on company premises in Lancaster, NY.

Living up to the company’s name, Try-It describes the transition as somewhat of a pioneering move, but one that moves the company onto an abundant domestic fuel that has a cheaper and more stable price, cutting fuel costs by more than 50% – more than enough to offset the incremental investment per truck of approximately $35k.

The trucks will operate quieter, have an operating range of 200 miles (320 kms), be comparable in performance to the diesel fleet, and lower emissions.

Try-It partnered with American Natural Gas to build, own, maintain and operate the fueling station. Jeff points out that making the station available to the public “strengthens the clean energy infrastructure in Western New York and will allow the other private CNG users to fill up at our site.”

Jeff Gicewicz, Vice President of Corporate Holdings at Try-It, believes the transition to cleaner fuel will also attract new business from companies such as craft brewers looking for distributors with green credentials.

(Source: Try-It Distributing Co., Inc.)

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