Trinidad & Tobago Grants to Fund Replacing Diesel Maxi Taxis with CNG

| Trinidad & Tobago, Port of Spain
Mr Mohammed speaks at Maxi taxi fund launch T&T

Mr Mohammed discusses “Cheaper, Cleaner, Safer, Greener” CNG

The NGC CNG Company Limited and the Association of Maxi Taxi of Trinidad & Tobago have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to facilitate a grant for the purchase of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) CNG maxi taxis. Under the terms of the MOU, NGC CNG will provide a grant to each successful applicant, of TTD 45,000.00 (USD 7,100) for small diesel powered maxi-taxis or TTD 75,000 (USD 11,820) for large diesel powered maxis.

The grant represents the salvage value of each sized maxi taxi and will be used towards the purchase of an OEM CNG powered maxi taxi. The old diesel powered maxi will be destroyed and so there will be no net increase in maxi taxis on the roads. The grant will be available to any registered maxi taxi owner in Trinidad & Tobago, who meets certain criteria.

The MOU will expire either when:

  • the full value of the budgeted outlay from NGC CNG is utilised or,
  • complete replacement of 1200 diesel powered maxis is achieved or,
  • after 3 years.

At the signing ceremony on Friday May 15th NGC CNG President Curtis Mohammed said, “We are confident that this Grant will assist in catalyzing the replacement of old, diesel maxi units with new, cleaner burning equipment on the roads of T&T.” Natural Gas is a naturally occurring fossil fuel, widely available in Trinidad & Tobago.

Roger Sant, Marketing & Communications Manager, NGC CNG Company Ltd, informed NGV Global the total value of the grant facility is TTD 60 million (USD 9.5 million). He explained there are approximately 5,000 maxi taxis in Trinidad and Tobago, transporting the public in 12 and 25 seater buses.

AMTTT President Eon Hewitt was happy for this landmark development. He said, “The Maxi taxi owners are extremely happy for this assistance to change to OEM CNG maxi taxis and to play our part in national development.”

Details on how maxi taxi owners can access the grant will be published within the next few weeks.

Current Price Structure in Trinidad & Tobago

  • CNG – $1.00/litre
  • DIESEL – $1.50/litre
  • SUPER – $2.70/litre
  • PREMIUM – $5.75/litre

(Source: NGC CNG Company Limited)

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