Trinidad OEM CNG Taxi Grants Now Available

| Trinidad and Tobago, Port of Spain
T&T Route2 maxi-taxi depot

Diesel-powered maxi-taxis will soon be replaced with cleaner CNG vehicles.

In May this year, NGC CNG Company Limited and the Association of Maxi Taxi of Trinidad & Tobago signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to facilitate a grant for the purchase of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) CNG maxi taxis. The “OEM CNG Maxi-Taxi Grant” is now officially available, to be awarded to qualified applicants on a first-come first-served basis.NGC CNG will give priority consideration to the routes that are currently (or intended to be) adequately serviced by Compressed Natural gas (CNG) -equipped fuelling stations.

The grant applies to any OEM CNG maxi-taxi that is dedicated CNG or bi-fuel CNG/gasoline. CNG/diesel vehicles will not be approved.

The grant application period and limitations are stated as:

  • Up to and including May 14, 2018, or
  • A period no longer than the current National CNG Initiative/mandate, or
  • Until 1,200 maxi-taxis have been awarded grants, or
  • Until complete disbursement of the grant allocation of TTD 60 million (approx USD 9.5 million), whichever condition is satisfied first.

Successful applicants will qualify for either a $45,000 or a $75,000 (USD 7,100 – 11,800) grant if they choose to de-register, destroy and dispose of a small or large, old diesel-powered maxi taxi respectively, and procure a new OEM CNG-powered maxi-taxi.

NGC CNG is working to improve the availability of CNG. There are currently 12 CNG stations operating with 8 more planned to be opened by year end.

(Source: NGV CNG Co. Ltd)

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