Trillium Provides U.S. CNG Station Update

| USA, Oklahoma City OK

Loves-Trillium CNG-pumpsTrillium CNG, part of the Love’s Family of Companies, says there is a growing number of fueling stations across the United States that are including CNG in their fuel offerings, including privately owned facilities catering to the public’s demand for alternative fuel. Demand from fleet owners is leading to even more service stations making CNG pumps available across the country.

The number of public fueling stations across the country offering CNG hovers right around 950, but more and more companies are adding CNG to their fuel offerings, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. For example, Trillium CNG and its parent company, Love’s Travel Stops, have CNG available at more than 60 fueling stations, 27 of which are full-service travel stops, with plans to add more.

California leads the nation in the number of CNG fueling stations with 172, and Oklahoma, with 101 stations, is the only other state to surpass 100 locations. Texas claims 82 CNG stations.

CNG stations are not limited to a specific region of the U.S. The South also claims a growing number of CNG stations, with North Carolina, Georgia and Florida each offering 25 or more. The Pacific Northwest has been a bit slower in adapting a CNG mindset, but with companies like Matheson Postal Services and PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay division, these states have begun to add CNG as a fuel option.

In addition to public stations, the DOE estimates there are another 742 fleet-owned CNG stations. While these may not provide additional public access, this growing number of private facilities continues to serve as a reliable indicator of the growing popularity of CNG as a fleet fuel.

Emerging fuel and vehicle technologies, coupled with greater CNG demand, continues to serve as a catalyst for additional CNG stations in the U.S.

(Source: Trillium CNG)

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