Traxión’s 100 Hyundai CNG Buses Celebrated at AltFuels Mexico

| Mexico: Mexico City | Source: Hyundai and local agencies

Hyundai Super Aero CityEarlier this year, Mexican transportation and logistics company Traxión acquired 100 natural gas buses manufactured by Neohyundai México, to be operated in the vicinity of Tijuana. A symbolic delivery took place at Altfuels Mexico 2019,  between Gino Saer, General Director and CEO of Hyundai Trucks and Buses, and Elías Dana, Director of Traxión. Imported from Korea, these are the company’s first CNG buses.

The first of the buses will enter operations in Tijuana in a few days, with all 100 buses expected to commence service by end of April. Acquired at a cost of $350 million pesos (USD 18.35 million), the buses will transport 9,000 people daily at the Hyundai Translead plant that operates in Tijuana. Hyundai Translead manufacturers dry and refrigerated van trailers, flatbeds, chassis and dollies for the North American transportation industry.

The purchase represents just two percent of the Traxión fleet, but that percentage is expected to rise as natural gas refueling infrastructure roles out across the country. Tijuana already has refueling facilities for the buses.

Hyundai is also aiming to expand its supplier network in Mexico which will further promote the acquisition of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) powwred buses. The manufacturer is targeting sales of around 800 units this year, of which 20% are expected to be natural gas.

The Super Aero City Natural Gas model offers a 290 hp engine, a length of almost 11 meters and seats for up to 45 people. The maximum capacity of its fuel tank is 1,051 liters. The units are equipped with anti-collision, advanced geolocation and artificial intelligence systems.

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