Transordizia Buys 20 LNG-Powered Iveco Stralis Natural Power

| Spain, Irun

Transordizia buys 20 LNG Iveco STransordizia, a European road transport company operating out of Guipúzcoa, a province in Spain’s Basque Country, has a clear short term goal: to become a more environmentally efficient company through a fleet powered entirely by LNG. To achieve this, it has turned to IVECO’s new Stralis NP, the first heavy vehicle designed for long distances able to achieve the same power as the equivalent diesel.

Transordizia has acquired 5 units of the New Stralis NP (Natural Power) and will add 15 more throughout this year. These trucks are powered by an Iveco Cursor 9 engine natural gas Euro VI 8.7 liters, which develops an output of 400 horsepower and maximum torque of 1,700 Nm. The New Stralis NP is also the first truck of natural gas with 12-speed automated transmission, thanks to the Eurotronic transmission, which ensures lower fuel consumption and higher driving comfort. Larger LNG fuel tank capacity enables the Stralis NP to travel 1,500 km.

In a ceremony held at the premises of Transordizia in Irun, José María Chamizo, director of IVECO Gas Development, presented the first 5 units to Paco Cobo, CEO of Transordizia.

In July last year, Transordizia became the first European company to cross the continent with an LNG-powered vehicle, an IVECO Stralis, refueling only at LNG stations in Madrid, Olaberria (Guipúzcoa) and Antwerp (Belgium).

Since it was launched in June 2016, IVECO has received more than 1,100 orders for the new Stralis NP.

Improvements in the New Stralis NP help reduce total cost of ownership by 3% compared with the previous model, the fuel consumption was already 40% lower than equivalent diesel. IVECO says that it also provides 17% more power and 6% more torque than its nearest rival.

Currently, in Spain there are 43 points of public refueling CNG and 22 LNG, which makes it the European country with more stations for liquefied natural gas, which 8 mixed stations CNG / LNG will be added, 11 CNG and LNG one more under construction.

The IVECO Stralia NP will be on display at NGV Global 2017 in Rotterdam next week.

(Source: IVECO)

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