Titan XL a Good Fit for Latin America, says Hexagon Lincoln

| USA, Lincoln NE

Hexagon Lincoln’s new Titan XL will be 10% bigger than the Titan MAGNUM unit (pictured).

Hexagon Composites wholly owned subsidiary Hexagon Lincoln has introduced the TITAN™ XL, claimed to be the largest CNG trailer of its kind, to the Latin America Market in response to demand for increased gas capacity per trailer. The 40 ft trailer performs with 49,000 liter / 12,945 gallon water capacity and carries 14,700 scm / 520,000 scf of compressed natural gas.

Frank Häberli, Vice President, Gas Distribution Division for Hexagon Lincoln, explained to NGV Global News: “The TITAN™ XL is the evolution of our  TITAN™ MAGNUM. While the current TITAN™ 4 is an ISO container containing 4 large TITAN™ tanks and having a resulting gas transportation capacity of 356,000 scf, the TITAN MAGNUM was introduced in 2012 as a wheeled trailer unit carrying 5 large TITAN tanks and up to 9 smaller TUFFSHELL™ tanks resulting to a total gas volume of 467,000 scf. TITAN XL increases the volume by another 10% to  520,000 scf  by replacing the smaller TUFFSHELL tanks with larger diameter and longer type 4 tanks.

Current specification for the XL (40 ft version):

  • Two and  optional three axle TITAN™ XL trailer
  • carrying 12,945 US Gal WC
  • transports approx. 520,000 scf or 23,320 lbs of CNG
  • target  gross weight including gas  approx. 70,000 lbs
  • length 40 ft/width 8,5 ft/height 13,5 ft

The TITAN XL raises the standard for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) payload within the region. Its high-volume composite technology requires no special cryogenic equipment, parts or infrastructure, and makes bulk hauling of CNG more competitive than ever. Also, its large cylinders are mounted horizontally, which minimizes cylinder connections, increases cylinder rigidity, and lowers the center of gravity for safer single and tandem operations.

“Increased availability of natural gas and competitive pricing versus conventional fuels accelerate the use of natural gas in applications the pipeline does not reach. This makes road transportation of CNG over long distance a profitable business in Latin America,” said Silvana Cusati, Director of Business Development in the region. “We have more than 100 TITAN(TM) modules and trailers now in service within Mexico, Peru, Dominican Republic and Colombia.”

Haberli concurs: “Today you see CNG transportation by road trailer developing  in the Americas replacing conventional fuels  in the following areas:

  • Industrial energy requirements – e.g. pulp and paper plants
  • Commercial and housing – e.g. hospitals or off-grid  communities
  • High horsepower applications – e.g.  drill rigs and fracking pumps
  • Off grid power generation – e.g. gas turbines in mines

“We are proud to have the largest capacity product in this market,” said Haeberli. “We are working hard to bring greater capacity to other markets, including the United States, in the near future.”

In South East Asia, for example, there are a large number of applications for mother–daughter NGV stations. PTT in Thailand and PETRONAS in Malaysia have 110 TITAN™ in operation today to haul CNG long distance to their off-grid  NGV stations. PETROVIETNAM today mainly serves the industrial consumption of natural gas with TITAN™.

Hexagon Composites ASA is a publicly listed company with its headquarters located in Ålesund, Norway. The Group develops and produces composite containers for the storage and transport of various gases under pressure.

(Source: Hexagon Lincoln)

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