Titan LNG & Rolande acquire ENGIE LNG Solutions B.V.

| The Netherlands: Amsterdam

TitanLNG imageTitan LNG and its sister company Rolande have announced their acquisition of ENGIE LNG Solutions B.V. as per the first of March 2018. This entity covers the downstream LNG activities of ENGIE in The Netherlands and Belgium. Rolande will add ENGIE’s 4 truck-fuelling stations to its network, bringing the total number to 12. The marine activities will be merged into the portfolio of Titan. This includes projects and existing customer contracts.

Titan says the acquisition will help to accelerate the safe, affordable, and flexible delivery of LNG to its industrial and shipping customers. “Our LNG Bunkering pontoons will put us in a good position to capture the growth in the market. The first bunkering pontoon the FlexFueler001, will be operational in the ARA region this year.”

ENGIE decided to sell its worldwide activities in the production and trading of LNG to Total SA last year. As a result, the sale of LNG to end-users in The Netherlands and Belgium had to be reconsidered and a decision was reached to divest ENGIE LNG Solutions B.V. In the context of the energy transition, ENGIE will focus on other developments within ENGIE’s transformation plan.

Titan LNG is a leading full service supplier of LNG to the marine and industrial markets in North West Europe. In the marine segment Titan LNG specializes in providing shipping customers with flexible LNG solutions like the T-piece for combined Truck-to-ship bunkering and the FlexFueler LNG Bunkering pontoons

Rolande, a member of NGVA Europe, is the leading LNG Filling station owner and operator in the Benelux. Rolande has an extensive network of 12 fuelling stations, making it the largest LNG distributor to the road sector supporting over 350 LNG fuelled trucks on the roads. Rolande is a 100% owned subsidiary of IVECO Schouten Group.

Source: Titan LNG

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