Thun Tankers Orders 4 Dual-fuel Chemical Tankers

| The Netherlands, Farmsun

Thun dual-fuel coastal tankerThun Tankers, owned by Erik Thun AB,  has ordered four coastal tankers that are equipped to use Liquefied Natural Gas as a fuel. The vessels will be built to a similar size as the sixteen tankers that Thun Tankers currently operates, gradually replacing some of the existing tankers with the ordered new-buildings.

Thun’s long experience of coastal shipping has been used in the process of tailor making and optimizing the new-buildings. Focus on sustainability, new regulations, environmental care and customers’ needs has been key when developing the new vessels that will be built to the absolute latest design. The intention is to offer sister-ships where the use of LNG as a fuel is a possibility, depending on our client’s request. Having built the worlds’ first dry cargo ships that uses LNG as a fuel, MV Ireland and MV Greenland, Erik Thun has a solid knowledge of operating vessels that uses natural gas as a fuel.

The vessels will be built by Scheepswerf Ferus Smit B.V. in the Netherlands to the following specifications: Dwt 7,999; Cubic (98%) 9,500 m3; Ice Class 1A; LoA 115 m; and dual-fuel main engine with LNG as optional fuel.

“We in Erik Thun have always had a high focus on resource efficiency that translates into modern environmental care. We are convinced that these vessels will contribute to provide the best logistical and most environmental friendly transport solution to our customers,” said Anders Källsson, CEO, Erik Thun AB.

(Source: Erik Thun AB)

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