Thirty CNG Buses Added to TUSSAM Fleet in Seville

| Spain: Seville | Source: Carrocera Castrosua S.A.

CNG buses for SevilleThirty Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) buses arrived in Seville last week as part of a 100-bus acquisition by Urban transport of Seville, Municipal Limited Company (TUSSAM). All buses have had bodywork carried out by Carrocera Castrosua S.A. which is based in Santiago de Compostela.

The delivered buses are a mix of MAN and Scania chassis, all with New City CNG bodywork by Castrosua. All vehicles are 12 meters and 3 doors with space for two wheelchairs, air-conditioned and with a ramp for disability passengers.

With this delivery, TUSSAM once again relies on Castrosua as the main supplier of its bodies. In addition, during the years 2019 and 2020 Grupo Castrosua will deliver another 60 units under this framework agreement.

In the presentation they have been, among others, the Mayor of Seville, Juan Espadas Cejas, the Manager of Tussam, Rubén García, the technical director of TUSSAM, Manuel Rosendo, Tomás Merino, Commercial Manager of urban in MAN Iberia, Juan Suárez de Scania Cica Sevilla and on the part of Castrosua, Francisco Romero, commercial manager of Castrosua.

The Mayor noting during the event that more than half of the TUSSAM fleet already circulates with compressed natural gas.

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