TGE Marine Granted European Patent for Dual-Fuel System

| Germany, Bonn

TGE Marine rasheeda-device-for-supplying-gas 2016TGE Marine, supplier of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) fuel gas package units and bunker systems to the shipbuilder market, has been granted a European patent under the number WO 2013/170964 A1 with the title: “Device for Supplying Gas”. The engineering team of TGE has closely cooperated with TH Köln and especially with Prof. Dr. Rainer Scheuring on the development of a control system which can cope with high speed load profiles imposed by 2-stroke dual-fuel main engines while running on LNG as primary fuel.

Meanwhile the dual-fuel control system has been comprehensively tested on board of the world’s largest Qmax LNG-carrier “Rasheeda” and worked perfectly even under different profiles with two main engines in operation.

TGE Marine’s CEO, Manfred Küver, commented: “We are pleased that our cooperation with TH Köln has resulted in a robust industrial control system for high pressure LNG fuel gas systems and that an international patent has been granted. We believe that LNG will play a major role in the future as a fuel for marine applications considering 25% of CO2 and 85% of NOx reduction compared to HFO and the implementation of environmental control areas in more parts of the world.”

Patent applications are pending in several other countries.

(Source: TGE Marine)

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