Terex Adds CNG to Front Discharge Mixer Product Line

| USA, Westport CT
The Cummins Westport 1.9-liter ISX12 G engine delivers the power and torque necessary for mixer operations.

The Cummins Westport 1.9-liter ISX12 G engine delivers the power and torque essential for mixer operations.

Terex Corporation, a Connecticut-based diversified global equipment manufacturer, has introduced its first Compressed Natural gas (CNG)-powered mixer truck, an alternative fuel version of the front-discharge Terex FD5000 “Great Lakes”. With several orders already on the books, Terex is offering the FD5000 with the new 12-liter Cummins ISX12G engine in 350-, 385- and 400-hp packages.

Dave Rinas, Terex Construction sales and marketing director, says the CNG engines are available for the entire line of standard and federal bridge formula front discharge mixers – from three to seven axles. The CNG engines can also be ordered as part of the Terex glider truck program. “Everything below the frame rail and forward of the rear pedestal is the same as on our diesel mixer trucks,” says Mike Johnson, design engineer for Terex. “The CNG system eliminates much of the complexity that goes along with 2013 EPA-compliant engines, while still reducing hydrocarbon emissions.”

Terex CNG mixer truck engineTerex installs two 26 x 80 composite Type-4 CNG cylinders, one on each side of the rear frame, providing fuel storage equivalent to 75 diesel gallons (284 litres). The design delivers a lower center of gravity compared to other installations; reduces the number of required tanks, hoses and tank safety systems by 50%; and places all tank safety shut-off valves, fill ports and service items at ground level.

The two-tank Terex CNG configuration reduces weight by up to 25% over other designs, which helps to improve payload capabilities. Up to 50% of internal steel was removed from the new engine cowling for CNG trucks – further reducing truck weight to improve payload capacity – while the design’s new ribs and contours add strength and style for this new integrated Terex look. Weight distribution between axles of CNG and traditional diesel-fueled mixer trucks are virtually identical, so reconfiguration of truck design to compensate for weight distribution is not necessary.

(Source: Terex)

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