TEN-T Funding Kicks Off Greek ‘Archipelago-LNG’ Project

| Greece, Piraeus

Anek Lines Ferry - Hellenic SpiritGreek passenger ferry company Anek Lines, based in the Port of Piraeus, is to pioneer the use of liquefied natural gas as a marine fuel in the Greek Archipelago through its participation in the TEN-T funded ‘Archipelago-LNG’ project. The project will begin a broad-based initiative to provide sustainable maritime transport between the Greek mainland and islands. In this context, Anek Lines will prepare the conversion of a ship to LNG fuel.

European TEN-T Programme 2014 Project 2013-EU-92080-S will provide €573,090 (approx. USD 710,000), bringing together key Greek stakeholders representing a cross-section of the LNG as marine fuel supply chain – including national ministerial and regional authorities, LNG suppliers, ship owners/operators and shipyards, supported by academic/research institutes.

Archipelago-LNG is a result of an initiative from the Greek ship-building industry wants to give a new perspective on the use of natural gas in shipping by coastal and maritime transport in the Eastern Mediterranean, to reduce the cost of shipping, to improve accessibility in Greek islands with direct benefits for tourism and local communities and a natural cleaner environment for everyone in the Aegean Archipelago.

Partners to the project, under the guidance of the South Aegean Region, are Anek Lines, DEPA (Public Gas Corporation), CERTH (Centre for Research and Technology), Neorion Syros (shipbuilder) and Pacifae (shipping company).

With supervision and support from the Ministry of Infrastructure-Transport-Network, Department of Energy, Greek-German Convention, Norwegian Register of Shipping and EENMA (Shipowners’ Association Short Sea Shipping), Archipelago-LNG aspires to the successful completion of three stages:

A. Studies In preparation for the use of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in shipping-domestic market, through the implementation of three

1) Study from Neorion to identify its needs and capabilities on the issue of ship conversion from conventional combustion diesel conversion dual-fuel (LNG / Diesel)
2) Studies, from shipping companies Anek Lines and Pacifae, for conversion to fuel an LNG ship from each company.
3) A DEPA study on the needs and opportunities in the supply of LNG to ships (Bunkering) in Greece.

B. The second step is to two studies by CERTH regarding:

1) A full Environmental Assessment for the relevant use of LNG as a fuel in the Greek Archipelago; and
2) a complete Business Plan for the use of LNG for local maritime transport between the islands and the mainland.

C. The third and final stage is the implementation of the above studies and conclusions.

Participants in Archipelago-LNG have called for legal modernization and reform related to the shipping industry, essential, they say, for project goals to be achieved. The studies will be used for the preparation and adoption of the necessary legislative framework and the implementation of investment objectives for the establishment of infrastructure and operations for ship conversions to LNG.

(Sources: INEA and Anek Lines)

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