Taylor-Wharton to Make LNG Fuel System for Fure West

| USA, Minnetonka MN

Fure West (pre-conversion)Taylor-Wharton Cryogenics LLC, designer and manufacturer of portable cryogenic storage systems, has provided details of the onboard Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Fuel System for Sweden’s Furetank Rederi AB. Furetank is seeking to comply with international environmental rules for low sulfur emissions by converting an oil and chemical cargo tanker – 472 foot Fure West

The Joint Industries Project “LNG-CONV” will convert the main engine to consume clean burning natural gas.

Taylor-Wharton will manufacture the tanks, bunkering skids, vaporization skids and control system for Fure West in Kosice, Slovakia. Twin 255-cubic-meter (67,360-gallon) Type C storage tanks will be installed and will power the main MaK 7M46DF engine and at least one of the three Caterpillar 3058 auxiliary engines which will be altered to use LNG fuel as well.

“This project will highlight our continued investments in LNG technology and experienced LNG people worldwide,” said Eric Rottier, Chairman and CEO for Taylor-Wharton LLC.

(Source: Taylor-Wharton)

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