Taiwan Standard Clears Way for Fuel Cell Motorcycle Mass Production

| Taiwan, Taipei | Source: The China Post

Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) has published a safety and reliability standard for hydrogen fuel cell motorcycles, paving the way for mass production and future export. According to a report published by The China Post, a number of manufacturer models already comply with, or exceed, the requirements. The standard was prepared as part of the ongoing cross-strait integration of standards with China, said MOEA Deputy Minister Tu Tzu-chu.

Some 30 hydrogen fuel cell scooters have completed the on-road test drive of 120,000 kilometers, covering urban and rural terrain, which is described as the first on-road test for such vehicles in the world, according to National Taiwan University of Science and Technology President Chen Shi-Shuenn.

The tested scooters use a hydrogen low-pressure storage canister, stabilized by newly developed catalysts, with intention to set up purchase points for canister exchange. Based on a two-canister fuel load, a scooter is expected to travel about 50 kms, with a top speed of 70 kms.

Division Director of the Bureau of Standards, Hsieh Han-chang, explained that when compared with a base-line regular scooter traveling 100 kms, a hydrogen fuel cell scooter can travel 260 kms for the same fuel cost.

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