Thirteen Citywide Scania CNG Buses for the Semitag of Grenoble

| France, Grenoble

Scania Citywide Low Entry CNG FranceFollowing the order of 35 Citywide Low Floor (LF) 12m CNG (Natural Gas for Vehicles) by the SMTC (Syndicat Mixed Transport Association of Greater Grenoble) last December, Scania has won the Semitag consultation for the delivery by September 2018 of thirteen additional Citywide Low Entry (LE) CNG buses. Read more »

Transnugon Gains 17% with Allison Transmission and LNG

| Spain, Madrid

Transnugon increases efficiency of natural gas vehicles with Allison transmissionsTransnugon SL, a Spanish transportation company whose headquarters are located in Alaquás (Valencia), had added to its fleet trucks that use Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) as fuel. Combining a clean source of energy with fully automatic Allison transmissions has proven to be the perfect combination, Allison states. The transport company’s Scania liquefied natural gas (LNG) trucks with Allison Automatics save about 7 percent more fuel than fleet vehicles with automated manual transmissions (AMTs). Read more »

Gasum Plans Nordic LNG Filling Station Expansion in 2018

| Finland, Espoo

Gasum LNG filling stationGasum, the Finnish energy gas company, is pursuing its vision of building a Nordic gas ecosystem by planning to enter the Swedish and Norwegian traffic sectors next year, focusing on liquified gas for heavy-duty vehicles. Switching fuels in this segment from diesel to either liquefied biogas (LBG) or natural gas (LNG) will have a significant impact in reducing carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen oxide (Nox), particles and noise emissions.  Read more »

Parisienne Haulier Chooses Scania 13-litre CNG Trucks

| France, Paris

STAF fleet, FranceWith its strong environmental goals, it is not surprising that French food distribution haulier STAF was eager to become Scania’s first customer for the new 13-litre compressed gas engine truck. “I’d like to get at least another 50 vehicles as soon as Scania can deliver,” says owner and Managing Director Kara Mendjel. Read more »

Scania Scores Distribution Category for 2018 Sustainable Truck of the Year

| Italy, Trento

Scania P Series - Sustainable Truck of 2018 (Distribution)The Scania gas-fuelled P-series truck has been selected as Sustainable Truck of the Year 2018 in Italy for the Distribution category. The Italian award is organized by Vado e Torno, one of the main trucking magazines in Italy. Read more »

VW to Utilise 100 Scania LNG Trucks for Greener Logistics

| Germany, Wolfsburg

Scania and VW support sustainable logisticsScania and Volkwagen, in an arrangement supported by the German Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, will move VW product using more than 100 Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) powered Scania trucks.  Read more »

Scania Launches XT Truck Range, Natural Gas Included

| Sweden, Södertälje

Scania Truck Range: S 500, R 730, G 410 and P 280

Scania has launched the XT truck range, tailor-made for the construction industry. The XT guise is compatible with all engine & powertrain configurations, including natural gas. The new construction range is the second stage in Scania’s introduction of new generation trucks, the fruits of more than ten year’s development with an investment exceeding EUR 2 billion (USD 2.39b). Read more »

Scania Mexico Demonstrates CNG 18m Bus in Monterrey

| Mexico, Monterrey

Scania articulated 18m CNG bus. MonterreyA Scania vehicle with Marcopolo-built bodywork is the first compressed natural gas (CNG) articulated bus operating in the City of Monterrey, Mexico. The 18-metre Scania bus, fitted with a Euro 6 engine generating 320 horsepower, is being demonstrated by Scania Mexico. Read more »

Scania Cuts Emissions for McDonalds Supply Chain

| Sweden, Södertälje

Scania P340 at McDonaldsHAVI, a global supply chain specialist and Swedish truck manufacturer Scania are actively addressing global climate goals by collaborating on sustainable transport and logistics solution. They are implementing a five year roadmap aimed at making a significant carbon footprint reduction in transport operations to and from McDonald’s restaurants in several European countries. Read more »

Scania Adds Transmission Option for Natural Gas Trucks

| Sweden, Södertälje

Scania OpticruiseScania is now providing buyers with the option to combine its 9-litre natural gas engine with Scania Opticruise, its in-house automated manual transmission (AMT) system, instead of either a manual or an automated transmission.. This gives more customers the opportunity to choose compressed (CNG) and liquefied (LNG) natural gas solutions, for example in long-haulage transport. Read more »