Discuss NGVs, Plan for NGVs, Drive NGVs – UN Does It All

| UN - Switzerland, Geneva

UNECE NGVs Jan 2015Recognising the increasingly important role of natural gas in the world primary energy mix, UNECE gas experts came together on 20-21 January to explore the role of gas in achieving the objectives of the Sustainable Energy for All initiative. The experts were updated on the work of the four Task Forces that are developing best practice guidelines and recommendations, including addressing the barriers to the use of natural gas as a transportation fuel. To highlight the characteristics and advantages of natural gas vehicles (NGVs) a test drive of natural gas cars was organized at the Palais des Nations in Geneva on Jan 21, a first for the UN.

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NGVA Europe Chooses Baltic for 2nd Regional Seminar

| Europe

Logo-NGV2015-HelsinkiNatural and Biogas Mobility and Infrastructure in the Baltic Sea Area
NGVA Europe’s 2nd regional Seminar L-CNG for Transport
Helsinki, Finland — March 17-18, 2015

NGVA Europe is bringing its collective expertise to Helsinki, giving participants the opportunity listen, discuss, learn, participate and meet with key representatives from the European Natural Gas transport industry, final users and delegates. Alternative fuels are urgently needed to break the over-dependence of oil for European transports, which today is 94%, of which 84% of the oil is being imported. The cost for that is close to 1 Billion Euros (USD 1.2 billion) per day, not including the increasing environmental cost.  Read more »

Germany Paves Way for LNG; Euro VI NGVs Make Market Entry

| Europe | Source: NGVA Europe, erdgas mobil

A major step for the development of liquefied natural gas for transport was announced during the IAA 2014, this year’s edition of the world’s most important exhibition for commercial vehicles. Erdgas mobil, the energy industry’s initiative to establish natural gas as a fuel in Germany, recently achieved a model approval for the build-up of LNG filling stations. This means LNG stations can now be constructed in Germany backed by a reliable framework.

In order to evaluate the prospects of LNG in German and European transport, erdgas mobil had organised a press conference themed “LNG – Ready for Germany” with support of Italian manufacturer Iveco. NGVA Europe, the author of this article, participated in the event, as did energy provider E.ON, which is offering LNG in Germany under the brand ‘Liqvis’. Read more »

NGVA Europe Publishes Natural Gas Filling Station Map

| Europe

NGVA Europe station mapNGVA Europe has published a European map of CNG and LNG filling stations. Apart from station locations and information about opening hours and acceptable forms of payment, the map also has facility to plan a travel route across Europe and have that route populated with available refueling stations. There is also a directory of stations and a system for finding stations within a selected radius of a given location. Go to www.ngvaeurope.eu/get-directions.

European Commission Selects 7 LNG Projects as Winners for TEN-T Call 2012

| Europe

TEN-T LNG bunkering proposed under TEN-T for ports of Barcelona, Valencia and Cartagena

The Trans-European Network for Transport (TEN-T) Call 2012 (Multi-Annual Call and Annual Call combined) has selected seven Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) related projects to be recommended for funding. According to a summary prepared by NGVA Europe, a total of EUR 105 million (USD 139 million) has been allocated. Read more »

NGV2012 Bologna a Successful Meeting Place

| Italy, Bologna

A Subaru Outback BoxerCNG at the Bologna event

Approximately 2,500 visitors took part in NGVA Europe’s NGV2012 Bologna Conference and Exhibition in Italy last week, including government, commercial and association representatives from 40 countries. Claudio Kohan, director of NGV Communications Group which organised the event, declared at the end: “We are really satisfied with the results of NGV2012 Bologna and extremely grateful to the companies that, despite the economic crisis, confirmed their participation, showing their all-new state-of-the-art technologies.” Read more »

Hungarian NGV Association Joins NGVA Europe

| Hungary, Budapest | Source: NGVA Europe

NGVA Europe EU Affairs Manager, Matthias Maedge visits Hungary driving a Fiat Punto Natural Power (Jan 2012)

The Hungarian Natural Gas Vehicle Association, known as MGKKE (Magyar Gázüzemű Közlekedés Klaszter Egyesület) is a cluster of companies dedicated to promoting the use of clean and environmentally friendly gas-powered vehicles, including natural gas, biomethane and hydrogen, through shared resources and collective lobbying. Formed in April 2011, the company has attracted membership interest from a range of stakeholders including major gas suppliers, OEMs and scientific institutions. NGVA Europe reports the Hungarian association has now joined its own ranks. Read more »

NGVA Europe 2012 Conference – Bologna

NGV2012 Bologna, June 19-21 in Bologna, Italy

NGVA Europe will hold its annual conference and exhibition, together with five workshops, in Bologna, Italy this year, in an event hosted by NGV System Italia (the Italian NGV Association) and organized by NGV Communications Group. The European marketplace has a huge growth potential where the market share of methane (CNG, LNG and biomethane) powered vehicles are projected to grow from 0.4%, where it stands today, to 5% in 2020; according to the current European vehicles fleet, 5% equates to 17,000,000 NGVs. Read more »

GasHighWay Reaches Out to 2050

| Europe

The GasHighWay Route to 2050 – 1 March 2012, Brussels, Belgium

“The GasHighWay route to 2050 – The alternative way for sustainable mobility today” is organised by the GasHighWay project and NGVA Europe and will take place on Thursday 1 March 2012 at the Diamant Conference Centre in Brussels, Belgium. The event will address the uptake of gaseous vehicle fuels, namely CNG and biomethane and especially the realisation of a comprehensive network of filling stations for these fuels spanning Europe from the north, Finland and Sweden, to the south, Italy – in other words: the GasHighWay. Read more »

NGV Developments Picking Up the Pace

| Europe | Source: Peter Boisen, founding Chairman of NGVA Europe

USA outpaces Europe with NG Powered HD truck volume of sales

New VW NGV models likely to stimulate other manufacturers in Europe

Peter Boisen, founding Chairman and now honorary Chairman with a permanent seat on the board of NGVA Europe, comments on the pace of change in the USA and the recent natural gas vehicle developments in Europe, particularly the impetus generated by Volkswagen. Read more »