Bill Proposes 100% Conversion of Curitiba Municipal Fleet to CNG

| Brazil, Curitiba

Carla Pimentel, Councilor of Curitiba, BrazilIn Brazil’s Municipality of Curitiba, Councilwoman Carla Pimentel (PSC) has filed a bill proposing the mandatory use of compressed natural gas (CNG) in vehicles of the municipal administration (005.00031.2015). “The implementation of CNG in the fleets of the Municipal Public Administration and Service Providers can contribute both to reducing the emission of toxic air pollutants as well as reducing costs for municipal coffers, and also contributes to sustainable development”, the councilor argued.

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Ecomotori Racing Team’s CNG Abarth Starts 2015 on Podium

| Italy, Fiera di Primiero

Victory for Abarth 500 with CNGThe first race of the 2015 FIA Alternative Energy World Cup and Italian Alternative Energy Championship – the Eco Snow Trophy – was conducted on the snow slopes of the Primiero valley in Northern Italy on January 30. Victorious was a special Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) converted Fiat 500 Abarth, equipped with rear and front conversion kits made respectively by Cavagna Group – the Italian manufacturer of equipment and fittings for compressed gases, gas storage and control – and Bigas – the Italian company which designs and develops alternative fuel components and systems. Read more »

Minister Baker Funds Retrofits to Reduce Bus Emissions in UK

| United Kingdom, London

Natural Gas bus in UKMinister Norman Baker, Parliamentary Under Secretary for the Department for Transport (DfT), has launched a new £5 million (USD 7.8 million) Clean Bus Technology Fund which will allow local authorities to bid for grants to upgrade local buses by retrofitting pollution reducing technologies, such as cleaner engines operating on biomethane (renewable natural gas). The grant was announced during Minister Baker’s keynote address to the (first) UK Biomethane & Gas Vehicle Conference 2013 in London. Read more »

Chrysler Delivers Bi-Fuel Pickup Trucks to Oklahoma State

| USA, Auburn Hills, MI
Ram 2500 CNG unloading in Oklahoma

Ram 2500 CNG unloading in Oklahoma

Chrysler Group LLC has commenced delivery of 242 new 2013 Ram 2500 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) pickup trucks to the state of Oklahoma, the Company’s largest customer order since production of the natural gas fuelled trucks began in October 2012. Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) will use the Ram CNG pickups primarily as service trucks on the state’s roads and highways. Read more »

Beverly Hills City Opens Compressed Natural Gas Fueling Station, Deploys 12 CNG Vehicles

| USA, Beverly Hills CA

Beverly Hills LogoThe Californian City of Beverly Hills’ new compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station is now open, serving the City’s growing fleet of CNG vehicles, including four new trash trucks. The USD 1.2 million project will save the City $250,000 each year in estimated fuel costs, and pay back the City’s investment in five to six years, depending on the price of diesel fuel. Read more »

EC Project Promotes Clean Fleets

The European Commission Intelligent Energy Initiative (IEE) has set up a three-year Clean Fleets project, offering public authorities and fleet operators assistance with the implementation of the EC Clean Vehicles Directive (CVD). Now integrated into national law in all EU Member States, Directive 2009/33/EC aims at a broad market introduction of green propulsion vehicles, including those fueled by natural gas. Read more »

Utrecht University – NL Agency Survey Highlights Alt-Fuel Choices for Netherlands Governments

| The Netherlands, Utrecht

In the Netherlands, the electric car (EV) and a ‘green gas’ biomethane-powered car are equally valued by government agencies, above the car with regular combustion engine. Moreover, these agencies are willing to pay extra for a car on alternative fuel. These are the findings of research carried out by a Research Master at Utrecht University on behalf of NL Agency, part of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation. The study looked at the preferences of Dutch municipalities, provinces and water boards in the purchase of durable (service) vehicles. The results serve as an aid in the formulation of sustainable procurement. Read more »

Netherlands Regional Authorities Boost Biomethane Fuel for Vehicles

| The Netherlands

Illustration of liquefied biomethane filling station planned for opening in Tilburg before year-end.

Local governments in the Netherlands are increasingly turning to biogas (biomethane) as an alternative fuel for their vehicles, according to a GAVE report. Entrepreneurs in those local government regions often go on to invest in these technologies. GAVE has collected regional news about some interesting renewable fuel initiatives. Read more »

Clean Energy – State of Virginia Agreement Provides Natural Gas for Government Fleets

| USA, Richmond VA

At a ceremony opening his annual Conference on Energy, Virginia Governor Robert McDonnell today signed an agreement with Clean Energy Fuels Corp., provider of natural gas fuel for transportation in North America, to enable the Commonwealth and local Virginia governmental entities to purchase Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) from Clean Energy for their vehicle fleets. Commonwealth, county, city, municipal and other Virginia government bodies will be able to access special pricing for CNG fuel and services through the state’s procurement website, eVA. Read more »

EPM Enters Natural Gas Vehicle Business

| Colombia, Medellin

In the Department of Antioquia, in Colombia’s northwest, utilities company Empresas Públicas de Medellín (EPM) has decided to broaden its activities to embrace the business of natural gas for transportation. EPM’s Board says the move is in keeping with its socially responsible actions and respect for the environment, and a firm commitment to the concept of sustainable mobility. Consequently it has approved an investment plan that includes the purchase of service stations, building new ones and form alliances and agreements with various market players to boost fuel use in the region. Read more »