US NGV Industry Rallies to Support Adoption of DGE Standard

| USA, Washington DC | Source: NGVAmerica

NCWM LogoNGVAmerica, the NGV industry and its advocates are rallying in support of the adoption of the diesel gallon equivalent (DGE) standard that will be voted on at the National Conference of Weights and Measures (NCWM) meeting to be held July 13–17 in Detroit, Michigan. The adoption of the DGE standard is a critical issue that will have lasting effects on the future of the industry. Read more »

UK DfT Report Makes Recommendation for Use of Methane and Biomethane in HGVs

| United Kingdom
Gasrec HGV Filling Station, UK

Gasrec launched Britain’s first Bio-LNG filling station in May 2013.

The UK Department for Transport (DfT)’s Low Emission HGV Task Force has published a new report – Recommendations on the use of
methane and biomethane in HGVs.  According to the Report’s Foreword, the Task Force considers that a key action to help reduce carbon emissions from freight operations and contribute to meeting the targets set out in the Carbon Plan is to increase the use of natural gas and biomethane in HGVs. Read more »

Legislation Introduced in US Aims for Improved Natural Gas Trucking Infrastructure

| USA, Washington DC

Legislative proposals aimed at making it safer, more convenient and more cost-effective for trucking transportation companies to use natural gas when transporting goods across the country have been introduced in the US. If adopted, three bills sponsored by Representatives Lee Terry and Sam Graves will improve the ability of long haul truck drivers to access and utilize natural gas as a fuel. Read more »

APCNGVA Assists Development of New CNG Regulations for Pakistan PSVs

| Pakistan

OGRA Approved Drawing for cylinder location in Hiace & Van - Side ViewPakistan’s Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has lifted a ban on compressed natural gas (CNG) refuelling of public service vehicles (PSVs) after safety issues were resolved in negotiations between government regulators, transporters and the All Pakistan Compressed Natural gas Vehicle Association (APCNGVA). The ban was imposed after a spate of accidents that exposed a high number of illegal CNG conversions. Read more »

Netherlands Defers LNG Fuel Tax

| The Netherlands, Rotterdam

Vox LNG Refueling InstallationThe Netherlands Government has waived a previously announced increase in excise duty on LNG.  The decision has been welcomed by the government formed National LNG Platform. It lays the foundation for the breakthrough of LNG as a new, cleaner fuel for road transport in the Netherlands. The Platform has a “50-50-500 objective”: at least 50 barges, 50 sea-going vessels and 500 trucks running on LNG by 2015. Read more »

Natural Gas Superhighway Act Introduced to Ontario Government

| Canada, Toronto
FortisBC NGV Promotion event outside Ontario Legislature Nov 2011

An earlier NGV Promotion event outside the Ontario Legislature

Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) Bob Bailey has introduced Bill 97 – The Natural Gas Superhighway Act, 2013 to the Ontario Legislature. If passed, the Natural Gas Superhighway Act would help stimulate the increased use of compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a transportation fuel in medium and heavy duty vehicles on the province’s major transportation routes. Read more »

Australia’s Gaseous Fuels Industry Calls for a Better Tax Deal

| Australia, Canberra

LNG refuellingWith Australia’s election day looming, Gas Energy Australia, the national peak body which represents the bulk of the downstream alternative gaseous fuels industry in the country, is calling on an incoming government to change policy settings that currently penalise LNG, CNG and LPG. The election, set for September 7th, is seen as an opportunity to argue for revised incentives and raise the profile of natural gas as a low-carbon alternative fuel. Read more »

NGVAmerica Develops Model Legislation for Taxation of CNG and LNG

| USA | Source: NGVAmerica

NGVAmerica, the trade association that represents the U.S. natural gas vehicle industry, has released a draft of model legislation to address the state-level taxation of compressed (CNG) and Liquefied (LNG) natural gas. NGVAmerica members as well as other trade associations were represented on the task force that developed the model legislation. The goal is to ensure that natural gas is taxed on an energy equivalent basis with gasoline and diesel fuel, and that uniform conversion factors are used for these calculations. Read more »

Florida Companies Advocate for NGV Incentives

| USA, Florida

The growing argument for transportation fuel change in the United States has stimulated a group of 15 companies to create a new advocacy group — The Florida Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition (FNGVC). FNGVC advocates incentives similar to those in Texas and nearly a dozen other states, that offer grants, tax credits and other incentives for the purchase of NGVs (natural gas vehicles). Read more »

Hungarian NGV Association Joins NGVA Europe

| Hungary, Budapest | Source: NGVA Europe

NGVA Europe EU Affairs Manager, Matthias Maedge visits Hungary driving a Fiat Punto Natural Power (Jan 2012)

The Hungarian Natural Gas Vehicle Association, known as MGKKE (Magyar Gázüzemű Közlekedés Klaszter Egyesület) is a cluster of companies dedicated to promoting the use of clean and environmentally friendly gas-powered vehicles, including natural gas, biomethane and hydrogen, through shared resources and collective lobbying. Formed in April 2011, the company has attracted membership interest from a range of stakeholders including major gas suppliers, OEMs and scientific institutions. NGVA Europe reports the Hungarian association has now joined its own ranks. Read more »