CASE Unveils RNG-powered Wheel Loader Concept – ProjectTETRA

| United Kingdom: London | Source: CNH Industrial N.V.

Case concept wheel-loader methane ProjectTetra (side)CASE Construction Equipment, a brand of CNH Industrial N.V., has this week drawn big crowds to the unveiling of its methane-powered wheel loader concept Project TETRA at the Bauma trade show in Munich, Germany. The public were treated to an insight into a sustainable, connected and technologically advanced future of construction using renewable natural gas (RNG). Read more »

CNG the Big Winner of 2016 Shell Eco-marathon

| France, Bois-Colombes

France_Equipe MicroJoule ShellEco-Marathon 2016The MicroJoule vehicle, backed by GRTgaz and designed by the students of the La Joliverie College (Saint-Sébastien-sur-Loire, Nantes), has set a new world record for energy savings using compressed natural gas (CNG). A distance of 2,606 km on the equivalent of 1 litre of gasoline was achieved during the 31st edition of the Shell Eco-marathon held in London last weekend. This surpasses the team’s 2015 record of 2551.8 km. Read more »

World’s first 3D-Printed Supercar Uses CNG

| USA, San Francisco CA

DM Blade Bi-fuel Supercar prototype Jun 2015Divergent Microfactories, a low-impact automotive technology innovation company in California, has unveiled what they term “a disruptive new approach” to auto manufacturing that incorporates 3D printing. The technology, exemplified in Blade, a 700hp bi-fuel–CNG and gasoline–powered prototype supercar, reduces pollution, materials and capital costs associated with building automobiles and other large complex structures. Read more »

RMIT Student Project on Cryogenic Liquid Methane Aircraft Reaches Airbus Finals

| Australia, Melbourne
RMIT's CLiMA design Bio-LNG answer for aviation

RMIT’s CLiMA team design a Bio-LNG answer for aviation

A team of Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) aerospace engineering students is headed to France after making it to the final five of an international Airbus competition. The Cryogenic Liquid Methane Aircraft (CLiMA) team is one of five finalists selected by experienced Airbus engineers from more than 618 submissions in the 2013 Fly Your Ideas global university challenge. The UNESCO-backed competition encourages students to develop ideas for a more sustainable aviation industry. Read more »

NG-EV G-City Goes from Virtual Concept to Commercial Evaluation

| France | Source: AFGNV

French automotive innovator and manufacturer FAM presented a virtual natural gas/biomethane to electric traction concept vehicle in November last year. A project of FAM and natural gas supplier GDF SUEZ, the vehicle aimed to demonstrate the technical and environmental potential offered by the combination of gas and electricity energy on small vehicles segment present in urban areas. It has done that successfully, capturing the interest of city mayors and local government.  Two prototypes have been produced for homologations and to optimize the design. Read more »

Boeing Delivers LNG-Fuelled Aircraft Concept to NASA

| USA | Source: Aviation Week

Boeing elongated design concept featuring possible LNG accommodation (in blue).

Will technological advances enable liquefied natural gas powered (LNG) aircraft to take to the skies by mid century, asked the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Boeing has addressed this question by submitting a concept study in February under NASA’s N+4 generation airliners program for 2040-2050, reports Aviation Week. Considered too immature a technology for the N+3 program, NASA believed LNG to be worthy of further investigation. Boeing’s study says it can be done. Read more »

Toyota Concept Hints at CNG Future

| Switzerland, Geneva | Source: Insideline

Toyota Motors has unveiled a concept vehicle at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, the FT-Bh Concept, which may be developed for several fuel applications including compressed natural gas, reports Insideline. Designed for affordability, fuel efficiency and suited to various alternative-fuel powertrains, “It serves as a study for how even greater fuel efficiency might be achieved in the medium term by using two alternative powertrains,” said Toyota in a statement. “A compressed natural gas hybrid with 38g/km CO2 emissions and a plug-in hybrid, emitting just 19g/km.”

Tata Motors Showcases CNG Vehicles at India Auto Expo

| India, New Delhi

Tata Motors Nano CNG Concept

As part of its commitment to alternative fuel technologies, India’s Tata Motors has demonstrated the compressed natural gas powered Tata Nano CNG Concept and the Tata Magic IRIS CNG at the 2012 Auto Expo in New Delhi. Tata says the Nano showcases the company’s capability to develop all kinds of vehicles for CNG applications. The sequential gas injection system has been calibrated with the EMS system for smart switching between CNG and gasoline fuel systems. The car comes with software with safety strategies like automatic cut-off CNG supply even in the case of diminutive leakages and automatic fuel quality checks.

Read more »

G-City Concept Vehicle Uses Biomethane and Electricity

| France

At the ‘Techno Buzz’ session of the Mobilis 2011 conference held mid-November in Belfort, France, a new natural gas – electric concept car was presented. This vehicle, a partnership between GDF Suez (CRIGEN), FAM Automobiles and France Craft, is said to be the first natural gas / biomethane to electric traction vehicle. Its design can be adapted for use as a pick-up (see image) or to carry four people.  Read more »

Downsizing of Natural Gas Engine Delivers 69 g/km

| Germany

Fuel efficiency is central to a new natural gas engine being developed in Germany by Meta Motoren-und Energie-Technik GmbH (Meta). Developers are working on a concept for a compact class natural gas engine that produces 66 kW (90 hp), consuming 2.5 kilograms of natural gas per 100 km only. This would correspond to a CO2 emissions of just 69 grams per kilometer on CNG and almost nil using biomethane. It is anticipated the Meta engine will emulate the performance and running smoothness of comparable diesel and gasoline engines. Read more »