Swiss Salt Powers Internet Service Fleet with CNG

| Switzerland, Renens
New SEAT Leon for Salt (mockup)

New SEAT Leon for Salt (mockup)

Salt Mobile SA (Salt), a Swiss internet service provider, has advised its intention to majorly renew its fleet with vehicles powered by natural gas and biomethane. The company’s goal is to use natural gas/biogas for at least 80% of the kilometres driven. It will begin by switching a “significant portion of its corporate car fleet” within the next six months.

The vehicle of choice is the Seat bi-fuel Leon 1.4 TGI EcoFuel powered by both petrol and natural gas/biogas. A respective order has been placed with Salt’s fleet management partner in October – a first among Swiss telecommunications operators.

The Seat Leon TGI EcoFuel has a range of 400km using natural gas and 900km using petrol. Using natural gas/biogas for at least 80% of kilometres driven reduces CO2 emissions by up to 40% when compared to an equivalent petrol-only fleet. Natural gas/biogas is already available at more than 140 filling stations nationwide. On average, the mix available at these stations is made of 80% natural gas and 20% biogas produced from Swiss organic waste.

New Seat Leon 2017 available with CNG

New Seat Leon 2017 available with CNG

On this occasion, the company is also partnering up directly with Gaznat SA, which is offering biogas fuel for the first 1000 km driven by each vehicle as well as issuing CO2 compensation certificates, the proceedings of which will allow Salt to invest in ecological projects near and far.

“By driving a natural gas/biogas car, Salt employees will enjoy a very comfortable ride without having to change much of their habits”, says A. Räss, Product Manager Mobility Romandie Gaznat SA. “With this choice, each new user can be proud to actively contribute to a better air quality and to actively participate in the Swiss energy transition.”

A. Schönenberger, CEO Salt Mobile commented: “The new car fleet will allow Salt to significantly improve its ecological footprint and allow for savings on fuel, taxes and leasing charges too.”

Source: Salt Mobile SA

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