Swedish Joint Project Aims for Biomethane-Fuelled Agricultural Tractors

| Sweden
A Valtra prototype biomethane-fuelled tractor

A Valtra prototype biomethane-fuelled tractor

Valtra, Inc., manufacturer and developer of Valtra tractors and Sweden’s Ministry for Rural Affairs are launching a joint research project called MEKA, short for Metandiesel Efter Konvertering av Arbetsmaskiner (methane/diesel after machinery conversion). The project’s objective is to develop the use of biomethane in tractors and other implements.

The research data can also be used as a basis for developing the legislation for biomethane use in road traffic. The Swedish government’s objective is for all vehicles in Sweden to run on renewable energy by 2030.

“We are delighted to see the launch of the MEKA research project. We want to find technical solutions that enable tractor use with methane gas that can also be produced on the farms. Both farmers and climate will benefit,” says Eskil Erlandsson, the Minister of Rural Affairs in Sweden.

“Valtra offers two serial production biogas tractors for the MEKA research project. The tractors are mainly used by the clients but their performance, emissions and usability is also measured in terms of long-term use,” explains Jari Rautjärvi, Managing Director of Valtra.

Valtra has been working on developing a dual-fuel biogas tractor for several years now. The company will start small scale serial production of biogas tractors this year.

The Swedish Ministry for Rural Affairs has allocated SEK 8 million for the research project from 2012 to 2014.

(Source: Valtra)


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