Swedish Figures Demonstrate Scope for Renewable Biogas

| Sweden

Figures recently released by Gasföreningen show Sweden is able to consistently produce 60+% of all methane vehicle fuel from renewable sources. For the 2009 calendar year biomethane accounted for 62.14% of total methane delivered in Sweden for vehicle fuel, or 42,251,770 Nm3 out of a total 67,988,450 Nm3. With biomethane volume increasing into 2010, March peaked at 64.93%, the highlight of a first quarter outcome of 63.48%. The following graphs display volume and percentage for biomethane and natural gas from January 2009 to March 2010.

Methane Vehicle Fuel - Volume Measurement Biomethane and Natural Gas

Methane Vehicle Fuel - Percentage Biomethane and Natural Gas of Total Volume