STCC Provides More NGV Motorsport Highlights

| Sweden, Mantorp Park
Scirocco GT24 - biomethane-powered

Ekblom’s VW Scirocco GT24 leads from pole to finish at STCC’s Mantorp Park event.

Team has triumphed again at the Swedish Touring Car Championship with driver Fredrik Ekblom starting in pole position in his biomethane-powered VW Scirocco GT24 and winning the first race at Mantorp Park last weekend. The victory was his second of the season and takes him from sixth to second on the championship leader board. “The key to our success in the last two competitions has been that we’ve qualified well,” said Ekblom on Saturday. “In the qualifier, the team made it possible for me to get the best time when we needed it, just like on Ring Knutstorp.”

Ekblom started the second heat in the eighth position and ended it in seventh. He was satisfied with the result. “I’m tied for second place in the driver rankings, I’m the only one to have won two races this season and I’m only trailing Tommy Rustad by five points. I’m really charged for the next race in Gothenburg,” he said.

Patrik Olsson was due to start in fifth position on Saturday; instead he began the first heat in the last position. At Friday’s technical inspection the booster pressure in Olsson’s VW Scirocco measured too high. As a result, Olsson lost his qualifying time and his placement for Saturday.

Team manager Tommy Kristofferson was at a loss to explain the high pressure measurement: “Both cars have the exact same levels according to our measurements, which we can give you, but according to the STCC measurements, the booster pressure in Olsson’s car was marginally above the maximum.” is third on the team points table.

This information compiled using information from a press release.

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