Stavropol Krai Aims for 6,000 NGVs by 2013

| Russia, Stavropol

Georgiy Efremov, Deputy Prime Minister of Stavropol Krai – a federal subject located in Russia’s south-west,  and Raphael Batyrshin, General Director of LLC RariTEK met in Stavropol to discuss issues around the purchasing of KAMAZ compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles by the krai. RariTEK is a partner of KAMAZ for production of CNG equipment for KAMAZ trucks and CNG-powered NEFAZ passenger buses, and a service provider of this equipment.

Stavropol Krai is running a regional program called “The use in the Stavropol region of CNG as motor fuel in 2011-2013”, implemented under federal law in 2009. The program aims to have 6,000 vehicles start using CNG during this time. The administration of Stavropol Krai plans not only to gradually transfer vehicles to the use of CNG, but also to construct and put into operation new automobile CNG filling stations and other measures for transferring vehicles to natural gas.

The predominant focus on KAMAZ product was approved given successful adoption of similar CNG vehicles in neighbouring Krasnodar Kra, where “substantial economic benefits were derived from the operation of 32 CNG NEFAZ-5299-30-31 buses at Kuban”.

CNG-powered KAMAZ trucks are also being used to construct the 2014 Winter Olympic facilities in Sochi.

A CNG-powered truck recently participated in a blue corridor event associated with NGVA Europe’s conference in Berlin earlier this month, attended by around 1,500 people.

This item primarily compiled using information from a KAMAZ press release.

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