State of Victoria Grant Supports Regional Fuelling Station Initiative

| Australia

Improved access to Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) refuelling stations in Australia’s south eastern State of Victoria has moved a step closer thanks to an agreement between gas distributor Kleenheat Gas’ EVOL LNG and the Victorian Government, and a $2.5 million Regional Development Victoria (RDV) grant to support the construction of five new natural gas fuelling stations, starting in Wodonga.

Speaking today at EVOL LNG’s launch of a new dual-fuel (diesel-LNG) system for heavy duty vehicles, Minister for Ports, Regional Cities, Major Projects and Racing, Denis Napthine, pledged support for the project by announcing a $2.5 million Regional Development Victoria (RDV) grant. Mr Napthine said the current LNG infrastructure for commercial vehicles in Victoria was limited and further expansion of the infrastructure required investment.

“We need to establish a state-wide network that will eventually lead to a greater investment in LNG vehicles and refuelling infrastructure,” he said.“As a transport fuel, LNG provides us with the opportunity to significantly reduce particulate, CO2 and nitrogen oxide emissions, compared with traditional transport fuels. LNG is also a native fuel source and typically fares better in price to diesel fuel.”

In commenting on the grant, Kleenheat Gas General Manager, Graham Smith, said the company was delighted at the support shown by the Victorian Government to the project.

“There are many benefits to using LNG as a transport fuel but a hindrance to greater uptake of the technology has been a lack of refuelling infrastructure. This support is well timed, as it coincides with our launch of the V5000HD dual fuel conversion, which addresses customers’ other concerns about flexible, reliable and affordable engine conversion technology,” Mr Smith said.

(This article compiled using information from a Kleenheat Gas press release)

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