Split-Hull Dredge Design Presents Challenge for LNG Propulsion

| Netherlands, Foxhol

The SCHN (Shipyard Constructions New Hoogezand) shipyard from Foxhol is in the market for a series of five special ships for the port of Bremen.  The vessels are split hull dredges, designed to open along the entire length to allow their loads to sink to the seabed. The intention is to have all vessels propelled by Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).

According to the Nationaal LNG Platform press release, there are currently no ships of this sort operating in the world with natural gas fuel. SCHN director Roelof Kregel explains that with a split hull the engine will be on one split and the fuel tank on the other. “This means that when the containers are opened, there is a risk of imbalance. That’s an interesting problem we have to solve.”

Although the order is for five dredges, only one will be built now, with the balance awaiting conclusive proof an LNG fuel system can be safely implemented. “We also want to see if it goes well. Such a ship was never built although in theory it can be, but theory and practice are quite different. It remains new”, said Kregel.

(Source: Nationaal LNG Platform)

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