Sparq Opens Oklahoma’s Largest Capacity CNG Station

| USA: Tulsa OK

Sparq Opens Oklahoma’s Largest Capacity CNG StationSparq Natural Gas, Timmons Oil Company, Dericks Leasing & Financial Company, and J-W Power have officially opened Oklahoma’s fastest public-fill CNG station, the 122nd public CNG station in the state. The 24/7-access station will feature the installation of J-W Power’s PowerFill technology – a patented compressor designed with heavy-duty trucks in mind – to speed up the fueling process.

The Tulsa station – Sparq’s 10th Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Station across its multi-state network, and its fifth in Oklahoma – began operations following a ground-breaking ceremony in early November 2017. Sparq Tulsa developed the site in partnership with Tulsa-based Dericks Leasing & Financial Company and Timmons Oil Company, co-locating CNG operations at Timmons’ Tulsa headquarters for convenient and accessible Class 8 heavy-duty fueling for drivers along I-44 and I-244.

“Sparq is committed to providing Oklahoma natural gas vehicle operators a regional network of high performing, attractive, and conveniently located CNG stations. With rising diesel prices, and stable CNG prices, CNG continues to offer drivers a clear advantage while also burning a cleaner, Oklahoma-produced fuel,” stated Sparq Chief Executive Officer, Norman Herrera.

In line with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuel Corridor designation, this station provides a critical link in the build out of alternative fuel corridors of natural gas stations across Oklahoma, and is strategically located along the I-44 “CNG Corridor,” linking St. Louis and Dallas. This station complements the leadership Tulsa has exercised, from Tulsa Transit and Tulsa Public School buses, to NeWSolutions and Waste Management refuse trucks, LDF delivery trucks, the City of Tulsa’s fleet and many businesses in town. It is hard to drive anywhere in Tulsa without seeing a CNG truck or bus.

“This project is about connecting opportunities,” said Todd Collier, Senior Vice President for station host, Timmons Oil Company. “Sparq Tulsa joins a growing integrated network of CNG stations across Oklahoma. We have already seen a strong reception from our anchor customers, enjoying the benefits of a fast-fill, high-performance station – a key advantage in the trucking business.”

“We are excited to partner with Sparq to introduce our new PowerFill design,” said J-W Power Company’s Vice President of Sales, James Barr. “The PowerFill technology increases flow rates without increasing horsepower, and significantly increases the use of on-site storage – particularly when combined with Sparq’s massive investment in CNG storage – and enhances the customer experience.”

Tulsa Heavy-Duty CNG Fueling Site Highlights include:

  • 2 – 150HP J-W PowerFill Compressors
  • 12 – 37’ CP Industries 3-Pack Natural Gas Storage
  • 2 – High-Flow, Heavy-Duty CNG Nozzles
  • 2 – Light-Duty CNG Nozzles
  • Class 8 Heavy-Duty Accessible

Source: Sparq Natural Gas

Members: Sparq Natural Gas and J-W Power Company are associate members of NGV Global through NGVAmerica.

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