Spanish Supermarket Chain Introduces LNG Fleet

| Spain, Lugo de Llanera
Alimerka LNG fleet

Scania LNG trucks will cut emissions and cost.

The Spanish supermarket chain Alimerka has introduced twenty liquefied natural gas (LNG)-powered Scania trucks to its distribution fleet, investing EUR 3 million (USD 3.3 million) and cutting emissions of CO2 by approximately 800 tons per year.

The Scania vehicles — 10 x model G340 (6 × 2), 7 x model G340 (4 × 2) and 3 x model P340 (4 × 2) — have a CO2 footprint is 30% less than standard diesel vehicles, with each truck generating 40 tons less CO2.

These vehicles, equipped with two LNG tanks and able to travel 1,000 kms between refuelling stops, will take advantage of the reduced environmental impact and lower operational noise to deliver to inner city locations in Asturias and Castilla León and Galicia.

Alimerka has an LNG fuel supply located within its logistics centre in Lugo de Llanera and aims to provide a sustainable and efficient solution for the environment, at the same time cutting fuel costs.

(Source: Alimerka)

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