Spain’s Transportes Agustín Martínez Expands Natural Gas Fleet

| Spain, Madrid

IVECO Stralis NP 400 GNL for Agustin MartinezSpanish freight transporter Transportes Agustín Martínez is firmly committed to road transport vehicles powered by natural gas. 17% of its current fleet uses natural gas. To these vehicles are now added two new IVECO Stralis NP (Natural Power) units. Iveco says the heavy duty model delivers the same power as its diesel equivalent.

These two new IVECO Stralis NP 400 liquefied natural gas (LNG) vehicles are powered by an 8.7 liter IVECO Cursor 9 Euro VI natural gas engine. It develops 400 hp and a maximum torque of 1,700 Nm. The Stralis NP is also the first natural gas truck with 12-speed automatic transmission which guarantees lower fuel consumption and greater driving comfort. The higher capacity fuel tanks increase the autonomy with the LNG-only version, which reaches a record distance of 1,500 km.

In an event that took place at the facilities of IVECO in Madrid, Africa Pardo, Director of the business line heavy vehicles of IVECO, delivered the vehicles to Yolanda Martínez, General Director of Transport Agustín Martínez. Joining them were David Morata, Fleet Manager and Mª José Mariscal, founders of the company (pictured above).

This acquisition of the LNG-powered Stralis NP 400 confirms the commitment of the transport company with the development of engines that use alternative energies to diesel. In addition to being profitable in terms of fuel savings, these vehicles are “respectful of the environment and the best option on the market,” said Martínez.

Ownership Benefits

The improvements introduced in the Stralis NP contribute to a 3% reduction of operational costs compared to the previous model. Already the NP’s fuel consumption was 40% lower than its diesel equivalent. The Stralis benefits from the manufacturing technologies and high-quality processes of the Madrid plant, dedicated to the heavy range, and the Valladolid plant, which manufactures and supplies the cabins.

Currently in Spain there are 50 CNG and 31 LNG public refueling locations. The LNG count is the highest among European countries. In 2018 will be added 38 CNG and 16 LNG stations.

Source: IVECO – an NGV Global Associate Member

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