Spain’s Sesé Group Acquires Natural Gas Tractor Fleet

| Spain, Zaragoza

Iveco Stralis L-CNG for Grupo SeséSesé Group, a Spanish international logistics company headquartered in Zaragoza, has acquired 10 new natural gas powered Stralis Hi-Way tractors as part of its fleet expansion. The vehicles, supplied by Motortrans, the official Iveco dealer in the city, are equipped with both Compressed (CNG) and Liquefied (LNG) fuel storage, enabling refuelling flexibility.

The 4×2 axle tractors are based on the Iveco AT440S33T_P series. The 7.79cc 6-cylindr turbo engine delivers 330 hp and 1,300 Nm of torque between 1,200 and 1,800 rpm.

The Stralis is equipped with a 567 litre cryogenic LNG tank on its ride side and four 70 litre CNG tanks mounted on its left side, enabling an operating range of 650 kms on LNG and 100 on CNG — a total of 750 kms. CNG is usually used for small maneuvers.

José Antonio Sanz , Grupo Sesé vice president, said during the delivery of the units that “with this acquisition we again demonstrate our company opts for the new technologies as part of its policy to become more environmentally friendly. In principle, our idea is that part of our fleet adapts to the current gas refueling infrastructure in our country.”

Jaime Baquedano, Iveco Sales Director Spain, emphasized the savings in fuel consumption and improvement to operating costs.

(Source: Iveco Spain)

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