Spain’s Margolles Bets of CNG-Powered Scania Tractors

| Spain: Madrid | Source: Scania

Scania for Margolles in BarcelonaIn its continuous commitment to the environment, Margolles Logistic has incorporated five Scania Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) -powered tractors into its fleet. These five new Scania units belong to the P series and have a 9-liter 340-hp engine that offers a maximum torque of 1,600 Nm. These are the first gas vehicles in the Margolles Logistic fleet, which has a fleet of 40 units.

The demand for gas-powered vehicles is growing exponentially. One of the main advantages of natural gas as a vehicle fuel is reduced emissions of CO2, which may reach 90% when using renewable natural gas (biomethane), and an extra reduction of emissions regulated by Euronorm: NO 2 100%, NOx up to 80%, PM (suspended particles) up to 95% and SO2 (Sulfur dioxide) 100%.

The increased concern about air quality has resulted in traffic restrictions in many European cities. Therefore, gas-powered vehicles represent a sustainable alternative for the distribution sector. In addition, the gas engine is quieter than diesel, which makes it suitable for sensitive urban environments.

“These vehicles will operate in the city of Barcelona. We have decided to bet on gas to seek the reduction of emissions from our transport operations and thus face the entry restrictions in the city, since next year a new access regulation will be applied”, says Luis Miguel Margolles, general director of Margolles Logistic SL.

The acquisition and operation of these CNG Scania has been supported by concessionaire Scania – Delegación Centro in Madrid.

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