HAM Group Installs LNG Mobile Unit on Spain’s A1

| Spain, Abrera

HAM LNG Mobile Station Beroil May2015HAM Group, a Barcelona-based specialist in the design, construction and maintenance of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) filling stations, will soon sell and install its 5th mobile unit at the Beroil gas station on the A-1 highway approximately 250 kms north of Madrid, in the town of Rubena, Burgos. Currently, HAM has three mobile stations located in different parts of the country and another one recently opened in Leeuwarden, northern Holland.

The presence of liquefied natural gas, a clean fuel, in service stations is growing and is the alternative to diesel for heavy vehicles. Its minor cost and greater sustainability makes it an increasingly attractive option.

Resulting from increased interest in this type of environmentally friendly energy, HAM is developing an expansion plan for the sale of LNG stations which aims to position itself as a leader not only in Spain, but also in France and Italy where it’s been operating for several years.

Located on the Autovía A-1 (also called Autovia del Norte) which runs from Madrid to Irún on France’s southern border, the station represents yet another step in Europe’s quest for LNG corridors for heavy duty transportation.

HAM Group was recently selected by Fluxys NV to construct a liquefied natural gas (LNG) service station to refuel 26 LNG-powered trucks of Eric Mattheeuws, a Belgium-based transportation company, in the West Flanders city of Veurne.

(Source: HAM Group)

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