Spain’s Gondán Shipyard to Construct Dual-Fuel Tugs

| Spain, Castropol

Ostensjo tugSpanish shipbuilder Astilleros Gondán S.A., with facilities located in the municipality of Castropol, Asturias, has signed a new contract with Norwegian Shipowner Østensjø Rederi AS for the construction of three dual-fuel tugboats that will join its fleet in Melkøya terminal of the Norwegian oil company Statoil.

These three new escort tugs will operate in icy environments of up to -20º C. With 40m length and 16m beam, they will have a bollard pull of 100 tons and escort steering force of 155 tons. The propulsion system will be a Wärtsilä dual-fuel system that can operate on LNG or marine gas oil.

Delivery is estimate during the first half of 2017.

(Source: Astilleros Gondán S.A.)

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