Spain Approves Incentives for Alt-Fuel Vehicle Purchases

| Spain, Madrid

Spain_IDAE-logoSpain’s Ministry of Energy, Tourism and the Digital Agenda, through the IDAE, last month approved the provision of €35 million (USD 41.5m) for actions aimed at promoting alternative and efficient mobility, which includes an incentive of 20 million euros for the purchase of alternative fuel vehicles ( LPG, natural gas, electricity and fuel cell).

The Alternative Mobility Support Plan (MOVALT) continues the plans that the Government has been promoting in recent years to promote more sustainable transport. The objective of the plan is to increase the fleet of alternative energy vehicles, and thereby contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions and other polluting gases, thereby advancing the achievement of climate change objectives and improving quality of urban air. The MOVALT will also serve to increase the savings and diversification of energy sources in transport, with the consequent reduction of the energy dependence on oil for our country.

MOVALT includes Natural Gas Vehicles using Compressed (CNG) or Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) for dedicated- or bi-fuel vehicles that are purchased new or less than nine months old. The beneficiaries may be individuals, self-employed, SMEs, companies and public administrations.

The amount of aid varies between €500 and €18,000 (USD 600 – 21,000 approx.) depending on the category of the vehicle (motorcycle, quad, tourism, van, truck) and motorization (electric, natural gas, auto gas or fuel cell).

IDAE is the Instituto para la Diversificación y ahorro de la Energía (tr. Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving).

Source: IDAE

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