South Korea Government Considers NGV Promotion Measures

| South Korea | Source: Korean Association for Natural Gas Vehicles (KANGV)
Refueling with CNG in Donghae, Korea

Refueling with CNG in Donghae, Korea

As a part of taxi fuel diversification project, South Korea’s Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs (MLTM) is reviewing supportive measures for green car development and supply promotion, which is drawing attention from city gas industry, reports the Korean Association for Natural Gas Vehicles (KANGV). The review is being driven by increased public and private demand for conversion of vehicles to natural gas operation.

It was announced that to secure competitiveness and the right to choose appropriate fuel for taxi owners, MLTM is considering measures to expand CNG refueling infrastructure and provide green car support.

Prior to setting up any supportive policy, MLTM is going to carry out an general feasibility study on NGV safety and economic efficiency by a specialized research institution. The study is expected to commence mid-2013 and conclude by year-end, with identified supportive measures and budget allocation to follow.

Current MLTM is considering as the subjects of this study:

  1. The possibility of constructing a dual-fuel refueling station, adding CNG fillers to existing LPG stations
  2. Deregulation method for infrastructure build up
  3. Safety standard of LPG/CNG dual stations

Also, to promote the use of NGVs, a method of supporting CNG conversion cost is on examination.

KANGV says MLTM’s position is greatly welcomed by city gas industry. If LPG-CNG dual refueling stations becomes legal, city gas industry will participate in the expansion of infrastructure to promote CNG stations in areas currently not serviced by natural gas pipeline as well as getting actively involved in the deregulation progress at municipality level so that transportation companies can build CNG station in their own depot sites.

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