Skoda Offers Bye-Bye Bonus for CNG Vehicles

| Germany
Skoda Octavia G-Tec CNG

Skoda Octavia G-Tec CNG

Take your old diesel car off the roads in Germany, replace it with a new Škoda Octavia G-tec or Octavia Combi G-tec and receive up to € 7,000 (USD 8,150) in environmental benefit as a ‘Bye-Bye bonus’. The offer remains valid until December 31, 2017 and applies to diesel engines that operate under European Emissions Standards 1 through 4.

Similarly, the incentive to purchase a Škoda Citigo G-Tec, also ending Dec 31, stands at € 3,750 (USD 4,370).

The premium requirement is the scrapping of the end-of-life vehicle by a recognized dismantling company (as evidenced by a recovery certificate in accordance with § 4 (2) End of Life Vehicle Ordinance) within a period of 4 weeks after the registration of the new vehicle. The end-of-life vehicle must be diesel-powered, classified Euro standard 1-4, and approved at the time of the purchase contract. The premium, available to both private customers and commercial individual customers, is credited to the purchase price.

The Škoda Octavia G-tec’s 1.4-l TSI G-TEC bi-valent engine can run on both CNG and petrol and offers a power output of 81 kW (110 PS). In CNG drive and when combined with the 7-speed DSG, the Octavia and  Octavia Combi have CO2 emissions of 98 and 99 g/km respectively with this engine. The Octavia G-tec achieves 4.8-4.5 kg/100km during urban CNG operation and 3.1-3.0 kg/100km when out of town (combined 3.7-3.6). It has an energy efficiency class rating of A + (according to Regulation (EC) No 715/2007).

In petrol mode it achieves urban economy of 7.5-6.7, out-of-town 4.8-4.7, and combined 5.8-5.5. Combined CO2 emissions are much higher at 132-125 g/km, moving it into efficiency class B.

These vehicles are fitted with a total of three fuel tanks: two for 97 litres of CNG and one 50-litre for gasoline, enough for a combined fuel range of up to 1,330 km without refuelling. The Octavia consumes approximately 5.6 m3 CNG/100 km.

Skoda Citigo G-tec CNG

Skoda Citigo G-tec CNG

The Škoda Citigo G-tec has a 1.0-l, three-cylinder engine that has been specially optimised for use with CNG, delivering power output of 50 kW (68 PS). The Citigo gets by with only 4.5 kg of natural gas per 100 km. At the same time, it emits only (82 g/km) of CO2 per km and rates A in terms of its energy efficiency class.

The Citigo CNG achieves urban economy of  3.7 kg/100km, out-of-town 2.6 and combined 2.9.

The base level Octavia and Octavia Combi are currently retailing at about € 22,250 ($25,910) and € 22,950 ($26,720) respectively, while the Citigo is selling for € 12,720 ($14,800).

Source: Skoda

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